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How to embed background music in a blog

You can add background music to spice up your blog. There are many ways to add music background into your blog. For instance, you can embed a HTML music player that displays a console, so your visitors can choose to turn the music on or off.

Using Flash Players to Add A Background Song Into Your Blog

You can use flash based MP3 players from Google and Yahoo! that are small in size and also easy to embed in web pages.

Google Reader MP3 Player

Google Reader has an built-in MP3 player that is pretty much the same as Gmail player but it also works on non-Google websites. To add a background music into your blog using Google Reader MP3 Player, copy the following code and replace the FILE_URL with the link to your music file (in Mp3 format).

Here's a live example:

Yahoo! Media Player

Yahoo! Media Player auto-detects links to MP3 files in your blog and creates an embedded media player for each link. Yahoo! Media Player also has the shuffle feature and your visitors can easily skip to any song in the playlist.

All you have to do is insert the following link in your blog template (right before the closing body tag) and all MP3 hyperlinks will be converted into inline MP3 players.

And then place link to mp3 files, YouTube or Yahoo! Movie pages etc anywhere on your blog pages.

Link examples:

Yodel (mp3 link)
Tron (Yahoo! Movie link)
Zoetrope (YouTube link)

As a minimalist, we prefer the Google Reader MP3 player since it offers volume control and minimal branding. But if you are regularly linking to MP3 files, this will prove cumbersome and we suggest integrated the Yahoo! Media Player on your website.

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